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Traveling to Egypt With Whole Family


Traveling to Egypt might not seem to be a perfect holiday tour at a first thought, but it sure is a great option when Egypt’s rich heritage is taken into consideration. Many families don’t consider Egypt for visiting and sight seeing because of its security issues. There were rarely any major security issues regarding Egypt coming on the front page of a newspaper until the incident of 9/11.

Egypt being an Islamic State was churned up into the idea of Taliban phobia among people. However, the Egyptian government has made exceptional safety measures for the tourists. Egyptians as people are generally known to be friendly, warm and loving to children as well.

Going to Egypt with the whole family? Yes, because your kids might just be craving for sun if you live in a country with cruel winters. Yes, because your kids need to fuel their imagination of mummies, tombs, Cleopatra, pyramids, pharaoh, sphinx and the Nile River they must have studied in their history class sometime.

Many people tend to bypass Cairo, but that is not something you’d want to miss. For a fun filled and yet relaxing vacation, don’t bypass Cairo but also try to avoid getting a sight of every single historic site there because it’d be extremely exhausting that way.

For the kids eyes, the Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx are a big treat. Get the camera snaps of the whole family there and also make the little family members get Camel rides. Also give your kids a little money and take them to the biggest market of Cairo for sometime.

The enchanting, vibrant with colors and yet largely noisy Khan al-Khalili Market is a must-go because your kids can learn how to bargain, know about the Egyptian language, buy miniature statues, ceramic scarabs and pyramids to keep a token of memory of the trip and also be engorged in the Egyptian Culture for an hour or so.

If you want something expensive and high-quality, you can always visit Al-khatoun which is just near to Khan al-Khalili Market and just as safe as this one. Egyptian Museums are have the richest collection of antiques and are a must-visit if you and your family haven’t seen them already on a world tour. Children love the Royal Mummy Room. However, be careful and if your child doesn’t want to get a sight of it then make sure you don’t pressurize as kids easily get a condition known as “Pharaonic Fatigue Syndrome”

Other beautiful must-go places when you are traveling to Egypt with the whole family are The Gayer Anderson House, Mosques of Cairo, the 74-acre Al Azhar Park, Zwayla, The Citadel. A three night long Nile Cruise from Aswan to Luxor is a terrifically amazing experience for elders to toddlers. In Aswan, you would love to visit Nubia Museum, Unfinished Obelisk and Philae Temple Complex. In Luxor, Karnak and The Valley of the Kings should not be missed as well.

Any article cannot sum up the Egyptian tourist sights because Egypt is so full of culture and architecture. The sunny and dry weather of Egypt might not call you out for a summer trip but definitely during winters in your own nation when you body is vitamin D deprived because of lack of the sun.

Egypt can be a great holiday vacation for whole of the family as it provides picturesque buildings. It is more advisable to go via a travel agency instead of a direct trip because English is not widely spoken there and also renting a car in Cairo might not just be a great option.


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