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Remi – Greatest Puerto Rican Clown


Born on February 28, 1958 in the city of San Juan in Puerto Rico, Jose Vega Santana or popularly known as Remi, is regarded as the greatest Puerto Rican clown. He had performed for countless times in the United States and is the person behind the group “Los Dulces Payasos” or “The Sweet Clowns”.

Santana came from a family of sports and entertainment. His mother used to be the lead singer in a band called “Googie Santana” while his grandfather Pepe Santa, was a baseball player. At the young age, Santana knew that he wanted to excel in the field of entertainment. He started working as a radio music announcer and programmer then became a dancer for Maria Teresa Miranda, a dance and theater company in Puerto Rico.

During the middle part of 1970s, Santana attended the Inter-American University where he studied Psychology. At the same time, he also took painting lessons from the School of Plastic Arts in the city of San Juan. It was in that school that Santana and his friends established a group they called “Artisans Market.” It was the goal of their group to teach young children the art of painting and usually they appeared as clowns. During that time, Santana created his famous clown character “Remi.” His character Remi became so popular that he established the group “Los Dulces Payasos.”

Soon after, Santana and his group starred in their own children show. They too recorded an album that featured the compositions of Santana himself. His group is regarded as the first cultural clowns in Puerto Rico. He was honored by the Puerto Rican Camara and Senate for his 20 years of successful career in the entertainment industry.


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