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Major Tourist Attractions in Turkey


What makes Turkey so special is its location. A country situated just in the middle of Europe and Asia. And what is more amazing is that Turkey has taken the culture of both continents and without making it confusing, it has given birth to a culture of its own. It’s a major tourist attraction no doubt, but what is amazing about Turkey is that it attracts the ultra rich with the beauty of Turkish properties. The average tourist visit there to enjoy the beauty and the millionaires go there to invest in the properties. Real estate in Turkey is a fast growing business because it offers luxury, beauty, elegance and comfort all at the same time.

When you visit Turkey you must go through all the tourist attractions even if you can not buy some really big thing over there. Antalya is said to be the tourist capital of Turkey where you can find probably the cleanest Mediterranean beach. And you will be splendid to see the work of architecture here. Istanbul is also in the list of “must visit” places of Turkey. This city is mainly situated between the two continents and it’s one of a kind. This city has its own flavor, the perfect blend between a cosmopolitan and a heritage loving city. And you can shop for a great price in Istanbul. If you are interested in museums and historic places then Ankara is your destination. The capital offers a wide range of Turkish native products, hand crafts and works and you can also try your bargain skills here. Do not forget to visit the Turquoise cost in Turkey if you are a lover of beaches. You can also visit Ephesus which is one of the seven wonders of the ancient time. The Cave of Seven Sleeper’s Den and The House of Virgin Mary is the main tourist attractions here which you have probably tread in Greek, Christian and Mohammedian stories. Another place you should not miss is Troy. You may have read this name thousand times, so if you come to Turkey then do not miss the place which was burnt because of the most beautiful maiden Helen.

Now if you are super rich and if you like Turkey then you can deal in some Turkish properties. Real estate in Turkey offers a wide range of pent houses, beach houses, holiday homes, golf property and even some industrial property. Kalkan, Bodrum. Fethiye, Antalya city can be your dream destination. As Turkey is a fast growing economy, so if your pocket is heavy and you are interested to invest then this beautiful country can be a good choice.


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