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Life at the Top Ain’t What You Think – How to Start Living With Purpose


Do celebrities really have it all? Do high-profile people need coaching to find balance in their lives too? I had the chance to find out in a brief encounter recently.

I was sitting in the Koru Lounge at Sydney International airport waiting to board my flight and who should be sitting across from me but my most favourite of the current New Zealand All Blacks, Second Five-eighth, Ma’a Nonu.

I’d considered not approaching him because oftentimes these high-profile sports stars get mobbed everywhere they go as fans ask for photos and autographs.

I noticed that none of his team mates was around so the way I saw it, if he didn’t want to be bothered then he would indicate to me as much.

I approached, said hello and we struck up a conversation about where we were travelling from and so on and he invited me to sit down. He then asked me what I did and I said I was a life coach, to which he immediately said,

“Well, maybe you could give me some advice on what I should do after my career ends… “.

We then explored the ins and outs of the celebrity lifestyle, being a sports superstar and finding one’s passion in life. We talked about the unfounded judgement of character and pressure to excel from the public, as well as from the inner circles of sporting professionals.

I wondered if it was a hard life at the top; can it can get lonely? Do people treat you the same as they did when you were just you, before you were famous, when the media spotlight is always on?

When you pause to think about it, this scenario isn’t uncommon, no matter who you are or where you find your “fame”, whether it be a promotion at work or an award or achievement of some sort. For a lot of high achievers and successful people though, especially celebrities, they appear to have it all: the wealth, the fame, the high-roller lifestyle, but inside they are just like the rest of us, craving happiness, love, constancy and truth.

What does that mean? Well, ask yourself, have you ever noticed that when you are responding to your truth, your calling in life or your beliefs and values, then you find constancy and joy in life? During these times we feel stable, exhilarated and free. However, the road to success is one paved with opportunities for growth and learning, often misinterpreted as obstacles or difficulties, and to those who strive to overcome, who keep their eye on the prize, once they reach their summit they are at a loss as to where to go next. This is where life coaching and professional guidance can come into play.

Life coaching is a means to open the way for someone who is already an action-taker but has hit a road block and is looking for more out of life. Reaching one’s peak doesn’t mean that is the end, it just means that is the end of that one chapter and there are limitless chapters to be added to the book of life.

Nonu and I left each other having discussed some intermediary steps to finding purpose and balance. As we shook hands and parted ways there was a lingering energy that said no single one of us is exempt from these sorts of feelings and questions, from these struggles and anxieties, not even those who seem to have it all. But for those of us who take courage to ask for help, we are the ones who will progress to even greater heights of existence.


Source by Pascale Battrick

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